Ramona Lena 
Photo Montage created with original photos


I make art to enforce the value of creativity as a human activity. Art is a practice as old as humanity itself and in my studies as an art historian I have come to know art as an expression of social, economic, political, spiritual and emotional experiences of being a human. I choose collage because it is my belief that all life is essentially a collage of moments in time. My work serves the emotional and spiritual aspects of my life experience. My art keeps me from succumbing to the difficulties of survival, it keeps me on a positive and motivating path of mental health. I use my own photography to create collage, with images I have collected for decades of my life experience. I design creative challenges for myself to push ideas of what art can express. I strive to inspire moments of memory and healing for the viewer. I want the viewer to be able to share in the fact that art can take you out of your current physical world to a deeper place where meditative thought can aide in solving problems, remembering joy and finding the true individual within the human body that navigates through life. In my work, you will see images of nature, religion, art, people, human objects, light and darkness. I am a proponent of semiotics and include images that represent deeper meanings that draw the viewer in to more intense contemplation of the elements of their life.