There is duality to everything in life and very often everyone…It is a curious thing when you experience that duality as an artist. Of course it has to do with perspective but much more. As a collective society we have no standard for what we think of artists, we do for doctors, teachers, chefs, criminals, right?? As an artist I can be treated as a person of honor and also treated as some what of a riffraff. Both experiences amuse me, entertain me and never cease to be predictable. It depends on the time and the place, it depends on previous experience of art and artists. This issue is like all the rest, people fighting not be to judged, to be treated equally, not put in a box, not labeled because of activities we participate in. Yet, we set aside all that fight and see an artist and not so carefully, pick the box, put them in and label it. From the beginning of time and yet still…..